Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blog Tour Scavenger Hunt: The Legacy of Eden

Each day in February, a section of the first chapter of The Legacy of Eden will be featured on a book blog!

Check out the Scavenger Hunt Guide and visit each blog to get your sneak peek! In addition to the scavenger hunt, you’ll find reviews, author Q&A sessions, guest blog posts, and giveaways throughout the blog tour. (I gave The Legacy of Eden 4-Stars, click here to read my review!

It was a path that swung down to a sloping mound on top of which stood a house so impressive that seventy years ago, when it was first revealed to our neighbors, it caught the eyes of every guest carrying their various dishes of dessert and dressed salad and forced them to stop.

The old house where my grandfather had been raised, the one that had been just like their own, had been torn down. In its place, built in a mock colonial style, was a tall square building. What struck them first when they gazed up at it was the color: it was white. Even before they entered it they knew on sight that it was a place of polished woods with the smell of tall flowers in clear vases.

No, my sister did not see this and I knew she would not have cared to do so even if she had.

She did not see the rose garden with American Beauties puncturing the trellis walkway or the grove with the fountain of the stone god blowing water from his trumpet.

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