Friday, July 26, 2013

Blog Tour Review: Warpworld by Kristene Perron and Joshua Simpson

From the Back Cover:

How far would you go…

On his first crossing through the warps, Seg discovers a world rich in vita – fuel to save his dying world. Cold, brilliant and desperate to prove himself as a Cultural Theorist, Seg breaks away from the recon squad sent to protect him, to scout out prime vita sources. But to find his prize he must face his biggest fear: water.

Fiery and headstrong, Ama receives an ultimatum from her people’s tyrannical overlords: betray her own kind or give up the boat she calls home, forever.  When a wealthy traveler hires her as a guide, Ama thinks her prayers are answered – until a violent murder reveals Seg’s true identity.

On the run, over land and water, hunted by a ruthless and relentless tracker, and caught in the schemes of a political powerhouse, Seg and Ama will have to strike an uneasy truce to survive.

The fate of two worlds is in their hands.

My Thoughts:

I don't read too much sci-fi, but every once in a while a book comes along that catches my attention, and I was really intrigued by Warpworld's description and sample chapter. I'm glad I took a chance on it. It's an action-packed adventure with some great plot twists and a slow-burning romance set amidst a richly detailed story world. And the authors have done a fantastic job at characterization. Seg is a brilliant theorist, the youngest ever to do what he's doing, and thus, arrogant and dauntless as he faces the dangers of a world--and a woman--he didn't reckon for. Ama is tough and smart and capable, and fears nothing except the gilded cage that comes with an arranged marriage. Watching these two work together, first toward their own personal agendas and then toward survival while saving each other's butts, was great fun.

Because the story world is so complex, there's a lot of description and time spent establishing the multi-layered facets of society, and in this case, a lot of politicking and strategizing, especially toward the end, which slowed the reading down, and I found myself skimming a bit. There are also too many POVs for my taste. I don't mind switching back and forth from hero to heroine, but I didn't think it was necessary to be in the minds of the bad guys and the head honchos at the Guild. And lastly, I can't say I was a huge fan of the ending. It's not a bad ending, but it didn't turn out quite the way I thought it would, and I guess I expected more emotional impact from it after all the build up.

But overall, as debut novels go, it's pretty well done. The ending leaves room for a sequel and I would read the next book from this writing duo. It was a more complicated read for me, but imaginative and well written, and not quite like anything I've read before.

My Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5

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  1. I always love when a reader steps out of her comfort zone and tries something new. Thanks for delving into the realm of sci fi with Kristene and Josh's novel, Jenny! I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review :)


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