Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spotlight: The Children of Ankh Series by Kim Cormack

What if....
The things that go bump in the night that you thought were simply a figment of your wild imagination are in fact very real. 
Would you live your life differently if you knew that you were going to be corrected.....
Erased from this world sometime around your sixteenth birthday.
You and your twin sister were never meant to be born....
There will be no place to run....
No place to hide....
You won't even know they're coming.
Do you have what it takes to survive your Correction?
Do you have what it takes to leave your humanity behind?
If your answer is yes, then hold on tight...
It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

As her vision flickered one last time, the man was gone. It was her mother looking into her eyes.
Her mother's eyes were filled with so much love that it seemed to release her from her pain and fear as it had when she was a small child. Her mother cradled her as a baby, rocking her back and forth. She was safe now in her mother's arms. She was at peace. Mommy, her heart sang, you're here to save me.

The warmth of her mother's love enveloped her tortured soul. She looked into her mother's eyes. She touched Kayn's face and started to sing a song that she had sung to her every night when she was very small.

Sleep, sweet sleep till the morning
Just dream away and close your eyes
My love you'll be safe until the morning
Sleeping in my heart, all through the night
Although bad dreams come to scare you
My love will scare them all away
My heart

The lights flickered, the pain went away, and her mother was holding her, singing "Sleep, sweet sleep."

Kayn lost everything and everyone she loved in a brutal attack on her family. Kayn is now an Ankh; Kevin is a Triad, her enemy, with all memory of Kayn wiped from his mind. Can his love for her survive? Will she be able to find the strength to stand against him when the time comes? 

Ankh must assimilate and train its three new members. At least Kayn is not alone as the only newbie. They’ve lost just as much as she. It’s part of the deal...the family never survives. Bonding with their new clan and forgetting the past is critical. 

Kayn must learn to fight. She must learn to do impossible things, and make choices that leave a dent in her soul and an ache in her heart. The mortal version of right and wrong is now irrelevant. 

Her twin, Chloe, while dead, still feels part of her. Will Chloe be able to take over Kayn's body? Frost keeps watching her, waiting. She feels a pull to Frost, but is it real or a Chloe memory? She longs for Kevin, but her twin's attachment to Frost is causing her emotional conflict. 

Can Kevin’s and her love survive? Will Kevin remember her? 

The Testing is coming. Kayn must learn to fight and die, and stand back up to fight and die again to get through The Testing. Will she survive and what will she become? Is her destiny set? Will she find enlightenment? 

This is not a fairytale. This is a nightmare.

Book Three, LET THERE BE DRAGONS, will be published later this year, along with the first book in a spin-off series! WILD THING will be published in the summer and feature Lexy, The Dragon of Ankh, as the main character.

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