Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jenny Q's Best Books of 2017

Happy New Year, my reading friends! Err, wait...

Happy the Year is Half Over and I'm Just Now Posting My Best of 2017 List!

Better late than never, right?

2017 was one of my worst reading years, not only because I had far less time to read (only finishing 68 books out of my goal of 100, which was even less than 2016), but also in terms of the lack of books that blew me away. My average rating was 3.6. Only five books scored 4.5 or 5 stars. And I DNFed thirteen books, which I did not rate, nor did I count toward my reading goal.

Though this list is not as full as previous years, I did manage to find favorites in each category, and here they are with honorable mentions, in no particular order: (Click the pics for my reviews.)

Historical Fiction:


Honorable Mention: 

Young Adult:

Honorable Mentions:


New Adult:

Honorable Mention:

Paranormal Romance:

Honorable Mention:

Historical Romance:

Honorable Mention:

Did any of my favorites make your list? Tell me about them, or leave a link to your list in the comments!


  1. The title How to Date a Douchebag cracks me up.

    1. That's what initially caught my eye, and it was surprisingly good!


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