Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blog Tour Event: Paper Woman by Suzanne Adair

From the Back Cover:

She expected the redcoats to solve her father's murder. The redcoats and her father had other plans.

In early June 1780, the village of Alton, Georgia, is rocked by the triple murder of the town printer and one of his associates, both outspoken patriots, and a Spanish assassin. Alton's redcoats are in no hurry to seek justice for the murdered men. The printer and his buddies have stirred up trouble for the garrison. But the printer's widowed daughter, Sophie Barton, wants justice for her father. Under suspicion from the redcoats, Sophie sets out on a harrowing journey to find the truth about her father -- a journey that plunges her into a hornet's nest of terror, treachery, and international espionage.

My Review:

The American Revolution is my favorite time period to read about, and Ms. Adair brings 1780 Georgia to life in this adventurous novel about treason and espionage.

When the widowed Sophie Barton's father is murdered in a gruesome crime along with two friends also known to harbor rebel sympathies, the local garrison of the royal army investigates, and reveals to Sophie that her father was involved in a rebel plot. Accused herself of printing seditious material, Sophie finds herself in the hot seat, under arrest and threatened with imprisonment and trial for treason if she doesn't help the redcoats crack an encoded rebel message. That message ends up alluding to a plot between the rebels and the Spanish, and the mystery of her father's death grows deeper. What kind of trouble had he gotten himself into? Who was he allied with? And who could have wanted him dead so badly? That's what the redcoats want to know, too, and they think Sophie's got the answers.

But if His Majesty's Men think they're going to keep Sophie contained, they've got another thing coming. Next thing you know she's out the window and fleeing with hunky friend Matthias Hale to a nearby Creek village. There she meets up with a few loyal friends, including her brother David, and sets out on a dangerous mission to track down the mysterious Spanish agent El Serpiente and learn the truth about her father's death. But tricky El Serpiente seems to always be one step ahead of them. Their dangerous journey takes them through wilderness and swampland crawling with bandits, runaway slaves, and redcoats. When they finally make it to St. Augustine, more treachery awaits them, the plot between the rebels, Spanish, and French grows thicker, and Sophie finds herself boarding a ship bound for Havana.

Through it all Sophie grows new mettle and comes to some new understandings about the people in her life. She faces harrowing trials with bravery, but is not left unscathed by these encounters. Along the way she also finds love, and as the story reaches its exciting conclusion in Havana, Sophie discovers something she never expected, and that will change everything.

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  1. Love, sex, and death. Paper Woman has it all! I enjoy books with strong female characters that I can then recommend to my daughter. As always, young women can never have too many positive role models.

  2. Thanks, Bill. You and your daughter won't be disappointed with Paper Woman.

  3. Love,sex and death. Paper Woman has it all! And this review makes me eager to read more.

  4. Love, sex and death! Paper woman has it all! I LOVED this book! I'll read it again and again, and not just for the story. Suzanne is a master at her craft!

  5. This book really looks like I would love it. Historicals are my favorite books.

    Love, sex, and death. Paper Woman has it all.


  6. Every once in a while we need to step into the past and enjoy a moment in history filled with adventure, Love, Lex, and Death and it sounds like Paper Woman has it all. Thank you so much for your review. I signed up with google friends and hope to hear more of what you have to say.

  7. Judy and Denise, thanks very much for your comments. I hope you've been over to my blog!

    Suzanne Adair

  8. Jenny,

    Thanks so much for reviewing Paper Woman and sponsoring me for Blog Tour de Force. What a ride! I've enjoyed interacting with your blog guests and hope they find Paper Woman an engrossing read.

    Best regards,
    Suzanne Adair

  9. Love, sex, and death. Paper Woman has it all!” .....awaitingreading your


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