Friday, December 16, 2011

Blog Tour Review: The Realmsic Conquest by A. Demethius Jackson

From the Back Cover:

Throughout its history, the kingdom known as the Realm has never known peace. From its establishment, it has possessed the gift of magic, which is a treasure that exists no other place in the world. As a result, the Realm has endlessly defended itself against conquerors, but now faces its greatest peril.

As our heroes battle the wicked and unlock mysteries, they must also face overwhelming circumstances as they are guided by ancient lore on a quest to find the greatest treasure their kingdom will ever know . . . peace.

My Thoughts:

The Realmsic Conquest follows the brave hero Leoden, who has already saved the magical Realm once before, as he journeys with Kelm, the grand wizard, and General Normandy, the military strategist, on a quest to find the Candle of Crest, a magical relic believed to have healing power. The Realm's beloved King Maebus was severely wounded while defending the Realm from its latest foe, the Empress Saraya, and his comrades are determined to save him, and thus their kingdom. But finding the Candle of Crest leads to unforeseen repercussions, and the questors are forced to face their greatest fears and their greatest foe. The Realmsic Conquest is the classic hero's journey, but with a twist . . . it's written entirely in verse.

I think the concept is wonderfully creative, and I applaud the author's vision and courage, but unfortunately, it didn't quite work for me. I thought the verse was rather uneven--in some places poetic and lyrical, and in others simple and stunted. I would have preferred a narrative approach to a story of this scope, with room for description, world-building, and characterization. But I'm glad I tried it, because it is something completely different. It's a short read, and if you're a fan of epic fantasy looking for something different and creative, you may want to check this one out.

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  1. I have to admit, I don't really like the cover of this one. I'm not sure if I would read this one.


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