Friday, January 1, 2016

Jenny Q's Best Books of 2015

Happy New Year, my reading friends! It's time for my annual list of the best books I read in the past year, and look at me posting on the first of the year and not two months later! According to Goodreads, I read 31,130 pages in 2015. Once again, I was stingy with 5-star ratings. I read and rated 100 books, and only nine of them added up to reading perfection for me. Here are those nine by category, plus six 4-star honorable mentions, in no particular order:
(Click the pics for my reviews.)

Historical Fiction


Honorable Mentions:


Historical Romance


New Adult


Young Adult

Honorable Mentions:



Did any of my favorites make your list?


  1. I just recommended Mademoiselle Chanel to someone the other day. Happy New Year!

    1. It's such a great book! Happy New Year! Hope 2016 is a better year for the Hokies!


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