Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hey Y'all--I'm on Twitter...and I Have No Clue What I'm Doing!

Ok, it's official:  I've caved.

I created a Twitter account. I told myself I didn't have time to get sucked into another social media landscape, but I'm getting tired of seeing everyone else win free books and do lots of other fun book stuff on Twitter! I want in on that action!

Since I'm a brand newbie, I need some help! Any tips, advice, or instructions you tweeters could pass along to me would be much appreciated! And of course, if you'd like to follow me on Twitter, that would be great, too!


  1. I'm following you now :D I'm @Sontrei
    And, don't drive yourself crazy with Twitter, the first two weeks for me were really... difficult I think, too many people talking and way too many things happening at the same time. Just try to relax and enjoy. Then you will have fun with it, hehe.



    P.D: thanks for passing by my blog yesterday, I loved your teaser!

  2. I was like you once too :) Then I just followed peeps and talked about nothing, lol

  3. Welcome! :) I recommend TweetDeck as a useful way to 'track' your Twitter feed. It's a bit overwhelming at first, the amount of info thrown at you, but I keep TweetDeck open and to the side and can scan it now and then.

    I don't want to bombard you with too much bossiness but do email any time if I can help out -- it's def crazy making to begin with but fun (I think) once you're started!

  4. Hi, I'm following you on twitter too @lulilut
    Have fun!

  5. You'll have fun on Twitter! I use HootSuite to keep up with Twitter and Facebook at the same time. I've learned that I have to keep Twitter closed while I'm trying to blog, or else I just end up distracted!


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