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Blog Tour Excerpt: Inspector of the Dead by David Morrell

Please join David Morrell as he tours the blogosphere with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for Inspector of the Dead, book two in the Thomas de Quincey series, March 24-April 24.

Publication Date: March 24, 2015
Mulholland Books
Hardcover; 342p
ISBN: 9780316323932
Genre: Historical Mystery

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David Morrell’s MURDER AS A FINE ART was a publishing event. Acclaimed by critics, it made readers feel that they were actually on the fogbound streets of Victorian London. Now the harrowing journey continues in INSPECTOR OF THE DEAD. 

Thomas De Quincey, infamous for his Confessions of an Opium-Eater,confronts London's harrowing streets to thwart the assassination of Queen Victoria. The year is 1855. The Crimean War is raging. The incompetence of British commanders causes the fall of the English government. The Empire teeters. 

Amid this crisis comes opium-eater Thomas De Quincey, one of the most notorious and brilliant personalities of Victorian England. Along with his irrepressible daughter, Emily, and their Scotland Yard companions, Ryan and Becker, De Quincey finds himself confronted by an adversary who threatens the heart of the nation.

This killer targets members of the upper echelons of British society, leaving with each corpse the name of someone who previously attempted to kill Queen Victoria. The evidence indicates that the ultimate victim will be Victoria herself. As De Quincey and Emily race to protect the queen, they uncover long-buried secrets and the heartbreaking past of a man whose lust for revenge has destroyed his soul.

Brilliantly merging historical fact with fiction, Inspector of the Dead is based on actual attempts to assassinate Queen Victoria.


London, 1855 
Except for excursions to a theater or a gentlemen’s club, most
respectable inhabitants of the largest city on earth took care to be at
home before the sun finished setting, which on this cold Saturday
evening, the third of February, occurred at six minutes to five. 
That time—synchronized with the clock at the Royal Greenwich
Observatory—was displayed on a silver pocket watch that an expensively
dressed, obviously distinguished gentleman examined beneath
a hissing gas lamp. As harsh experiences had taught him, appearance
meant everything. The vilest thoughts might lurk within someone,
but the external semblance of respectability was all that mattered.
For fifteen years now, he couldn’t recall a time when rage had not
consumed him, but he had never allowed anyone to suspect, enjoying
the surprise of those upon whom he unleashed his fury. 
Tonight, he stood at Constitution Hill and stared across the street
toward the murky walls of Buckingham Palace. Lights glowed
faintly behind curtains there. Given that the British government had
Inspector of the dead - 1P One The Killing Zone 2014-08-21 20:59:31 7
ollapsed four days earlier because of its shocking mismanagement
of the Crimean War, Queen Victoria was no doubt engaged in urgent
meetings with her Privy Council. A shadow passing at one of
the windows might belong to her or perhaps to her husband, Prince
Albert. The gentleman wasn’t certain which of them he hated more. 
Approaching footsteps made him turn. A constable appeared, his
helmet silhouetted against the fog. As the patrolman focused his
lantern on the quality of clothing before him, the gentleman made
himself look calm. His top hat, overcoat, and trousers were the finest.
His beard—a disguise—would have attracted notice years earlier
but was now fashionable. Even his black walking stick with its polished
silver knob was the height of fashion. 
“Good evening, sir. If you don’t mind me saying, don’t linger,” the
constable warned. “It doesn’t do to be out alone in the dark, even in
this neighborhood.” 
“Thank you, constable. I’ll hurry along.”


Praise for Inspector of the Dead

“Riveting! I literally thought I was in 1855 London. With this mesmerizing series, David Morrell doesn’t just delve into the world of Victorian England—he delves into the heart of evil, pitting one man’s opium-skewed brilliance against a society where appearances are everything, and the most vicious killers lurk closer than anyone thinks.” —Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author of Crash & Burn and The Perfect Husband

What the Victorian Experts Say:

“Even better than Murder as a Fine Art. A truly atmospheric and dynamic thriller. I was fascinated by how Morrell seamlessly blended elements from Thomas De Quincey’s life and work. The solution is a complete surprise.” —Grevel Lindop, The Opium-Eater: A Life of Thomas De Quincey

“The scope is remarkable. Florence Nightingale, the Crimean War, regicide, the railways, opium, the violence and despair of the London rookeries, medical and scientific innovations, arsenic in the food and clothing—all this makes the Victorian world vivid. The way Morrell depicts Thomas De Quincey places him in front of us, living and breathing. But his daughter Emily is in many ways the real star of the book.” —Robert Morrison, The English Opium-Eater: A Biography of Thomas De Quincey

“I absolutely raced through it and couldn’t bear to put it down. I particularly liked how the very horrible crimes are contrasted with the developing, fascinating relationship between Thomas De Quincey and his daughter, Emily, who come across as extremely real. It was altogether a pleasure.” —Judith Flanders, The Invention of Murder: How the Victorians Reveled in Death and Detection and Created Modern Crime

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About the Author

03_David Morell ©_Jennifer_EsperanzaDavid Morrell is an Edgar, Nero, Anthony, and Macavity nominee as well as a recipient of the prestigious career-achievement Thriller Master away from the International Thriller Writers. His numerous New York Times bestsellers include the classic espionage novel. The Brotherhood of the Rose, the basis for the only television mini-series to be broadcast after a Super Bowl. A former literature professor at the University of Iowa, Morrell has a PhD from Pennsylvania State University. His latest novel is INSPECTOR OF THE DEAD, a sequel to his highly acclaimed Victorian mystery/thriller, Murder as a Fine Art, which Publishers Weekly called ”one of the top ten mystery/thrillers of 2013.” For more information visit David Morrell's website. You can also connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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