Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review: Outlaw by Lisa Jackson

OutlawFrom the Back Cover:

Stealthy and dangerous as the name he bears, Wolf, outlaw knight of Abergwynn, has no quarrel with the struggling young beauty in his arms. He has come to Tower Dwyrain to take his revenge against her bridegroom, a brutal nobleman Wolf has sworn to dishonor. Through this woman, Wolf thought he could carry out a carefully wrought vengeance. Instead, he finds a different fate - a lady to fight for and to ennoble his dark, wayward soul.

Megan of Dwyrain has been haunted by a sorcerer's prediction that her castle would be destroyed, her arranged marriage doomed, and her enemy made her beloved. Now, in the iron grasp of the abductor who invaded her wedding, she beholds eyes that glitter not with hate but with devilment and spirit. She will challenge him, try to escape him, and yet find in him a Wolf she hungers to tame - a knight who inspires a love that nothing, not dungeons dark nor the risk of death itself, can end.

So, you know sexy historical romances are one of my guilty pleasures, and Lisa Jackson writes a series set in medieval Wales that's pretty hot. Here they are, I've read the first two shown and really liked them. Vivid historical settings, well-drawn characters and storylines, a little bit of magic and steamy sex.

Impostress (Signet Historical Romance)     Sorceress
Enchantress     Temptress (Onyx Novel)

This one wasn't quite as good. The hero, Wolf, is delish but I didn't find much in Megan to jump up and down about. The language was a little stilted, lots of Ayes and Nays and medieval-type dialogue that didn't read well and would have been better written normally. Too much time spent away from the hero and heroine on a couple of subplots. It's not a bad read, it just doesn't stand out for me, especially when I know what this author is capable of.

Rating:  3 Stars out of 5

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